Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Contact Details:

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Dt. Godda- 814 153,
Phone: 06422-258404, 9934527665.

Parish Priest – Fr. Philip Peruvanani.
Fr. George Mundamattam TOR – H.M. High school.
Fr. Vijay Lokunda TOR – H.M. Middle school.
Church Established – 1932.

Brief History:

Fr. E. Scott S.J. was the first resident priest and recorded baptism from October 9, 1932. Fr. John Morrison was the last Jesuit at Poreyahat. The house at Poreyahat was shifted to the present site and was put up by Fr. Peter Busch TOR in 1962. Fr. Boniface Bonk TOR built the present church which was blessed on 04-10-1967. The presbytery was renovated with added rooms recently. There are 3 schools at Poreyahat viz. Middle School and High School (both Hindi Medium) and a Junior St. Francis School English Medium. Poreyahat has the distinction of having a petrol tank nearby. The priests who worked at Poreyahat are: Fr. E. Scott S.J. (1932); Fr. H. Westropp S.J. (1932-33); Fr. Francis Stoy S.J. (1933-37); Fr. John Morrison S.J. (1934-39); Fr. Kilian S.J. (1938); Fr. J. A. Creane S.J. (1940); Fr. Robert TOR (1944-46); Fr. Aquinas Lieb TOR (1947-49); Fr. Alex Bombera TOR (1951); Fr. Robert (1953-60); Fr. Dionis TOR (1960-61); Fr. Boniface (1967-68); Fr. Stanislaus Murmu TOR (1969); Fr. Augustine Neerampuzha TOR (1973); Fr. Robert TOR (1978-83); Fr. Dionis Kiro TOR (1991-95); Fr. Marion TOR (1995); Fr. Philip Paruvanany (1995-97); 2000; Fr. Gabriel Baskey (2001- ). Number of Catholics 7000, families 1400; villages 67. Distance from Bhagalpur 90 k.m.