Contact Details:

Roman Catholic Church
P.O. Garhi (Jamui)
Dt. Jamui – 811 307,
Phone: 09431234731,09934474026.

Parish Priest – Fr. Cornelius Tete.
Church Established – 1971

Brief History:

When Fr. Dan Rice S.J. left Mariampahari in 1971 he started work at Sokho. The Nazareth Sisters came in 1975 and used the place as a Novitiate house for a while. Sokho became part of Bhagalpur in 1984 and Fr. Joseph Mulloor became the first diocesan priest to reside at Sokho. The presbytery was built by Fr. Mulloor in 1989. Entries in the baptism register are: Fr. D. T. Rice S.J.(1971-72); Fr. Joseph Mulloor (1982-84); Fr. E. O. Chacko (1986-’97-2000); Fr. Cornelius Tete (2002- ). Number of catholics 500; families 100; villages 10. There is no church yet at Sokho. To reach Sokho was difficult because there was no bridge at the river close to Sokho. Now a long bridge is in place inaugurated by Srimati Rabri Devi, Chief Minister in 2004.