St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis

Contact Details:

St. Francis Church,
P.O. Mirzachawki,
Dt. Bhagalpur- 813 208,
Phone 06436-274466.

Parish Priest – Fr. Vijay Lokhonda.
Head Master – Fr. Manuel Muthumakushy, TOR.
Fr. Anthony Perunneparambill.
Church Established – 1941.

Brief History:

Gokhla is the Mother House of the Franciscan TOR’s and has witnessed many historic events like Jubilees, transfer of powers and burials. It has the community cemeteries of the TOR’s and the CTC’s. FR. Gibbons S.J. bought the biggest zamindari land for the mission in the early 1930’s and built a sundial there to recon the time o day because few people could afford watches in those days. (Unfortunately the sundial is no more there as it was demolished to grow ‘jondra’ (corn) there by a thoughtless pastor). The first baptism recorded at Gokhla is dated 26th January 1930 by Fr. Jim Creane S.J. The church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi was built by the Patna Jesuits and renovated by Fr. Benvenute TOR and again modified recently by Fr. Job Edakulathoor TOR. The Baptismal Registers show the following names: Fr. A.S. Petit S.J. 1930; Fr. F. Stoy S.J. 1930; Fr. Brennen S.J. (1937-38); Fr. R. Bohn S.J. (1938-39); Fr. Gabriel Stephen TOR (1940-41); Fr. Aquinas Lieb TOR (1941-42); (1954-55); Fr. Frank TOR (1943); Fr. Boniface (1945-47); Fr. P. Boland TOR (1946-47); Fr. Mark 1949; Fr. Simon Engler TOR (1950); Fr. Thadeus Mudry TOR; Fr. Marianus TOR; Fr. Alex Bombera TOR; Fr. Anthony Xalxo TOR; Fr. Dionis Kiro TOR, Fr. Joseph Hansdak TOR; Fr. Martin Broadhead TOR; Fr. Alex; (1954-1962); Fr. Stanislaus Muru TOR 91965-68); Fr. Conrad Kunnappally TOR (1969-70); (1985-89); Fr. Michael Edamanapadavil TOR (1970-72); Fr. A. Xalxo TOR (1973); Fr. Benvenute Elavuthumkal TOR (1976-79); Fr. Augustine Neerampuzha TOR (1980; 1983); Fr. Aloysius TOR (1984); Fr. Anthony Ramanattu TOR (1984); Fr. Anthony Kudupadam (1986); Fr. Marion TOR 1989; 1994; Fr. Philip Paruvanany TOR (1994-95); Fr. Gabriel Baskey TOR (1997-98); Fr. Marion (1998-2002); Fr. Job Edakalathoor TOR (2002-07). Catholic population 4000; families 500; There is a TB Center run by the Fathers but taken care of by the CTC Sisters. Gokhla celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of St. Stanislaus Boys’ School and St. Michael’s Girls’ School on 10th November 2004 when the Minister General Fr. Ilija Zivkovic TOR and Archbishop Benedict Osta S.J. of Patna; Thomas Kozhimala, Bishop of Bhagalpur; and Julius Marandi, Bishop of Dumka concelebrated Mass with about 50 priests and witnessed by the former Mother General of the Sacred Heart Sisters (Patna) and Provincial Superior of Presentation Sisters of Madras who were pioneers at Gokhla. Gokhla has produced a number of priests and religious vocations.