Our Lady of Angels

Our Lady of Angels

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Our Lady of Angels Church
Notre Dame Des Anges
3,Rue Surcouf,
Pin : 605 001,
Tel.Ph: 0413- 2334262.

About the Church:

The Capuchins from Chennai came to Pondicherry in 1676 and had built the Church of Our Lady of Angels at Pondicherry as an annexe to the St. Louis Church inside the Fort in 1707.

The Parish of Our Lady of Angels was reorganised and recognised by San Thome in 1738. The Church was destroyed in 1761, but was rebuilt. The present church was built in 1855.

The parish was originally under the Capuchins of Madras, but it was later brought under the Holy Spirit Fathers and remained so till 1887, under the Apostolic Prefecture of Pondicherry. The Foreign Mission Fathers took over from 1887.