Holy Family

Holy Family


Infant Jesus Shrine
Caldwell colony
Pin : 628 008.
Ph.No : 5532934 (Tata)

Brief History:

Bifurcated from St. Charles parish, this was made into an independent parish on the 26 th of November 1989 . Fr. Lambert Miranda laid the foundation and in Demenber 1991 the church was consecrated. Although this church was dedicated to the Holy Family, complying with the wish of the Italian donor Dominico Madonna, it has been becoming popular as the shrine of Child Jesus. Fr. Arulmani who had been associate of the Laity Center as well as this church for three years, was appointed as the first parish priest of this parish on the 14 th of November 1993 . Prior to its establishment as a parish, Epiphany had been the parish feast. Now, the parish feast is celebrated on the 14 th of January, which is also the feast of the Tamils.

Parish Priests:

Rev. Lambert Miranda (Caretaker)
Rev. Arthur James (Caretaker)
Rev. Arulmani 1993

Patron Saint : Holy Family
Pastorn Sanit Feast: 14, January