Holy Family

Holy Family


Holy Family Church,
Tuticorin Dt – 627 116.
Ph.No : 04637-230134.

Brief History:

Vadakanglam is the first parish of the interior area that joined the pearl fishery coast mission and it was the last parish of the south western border of the Madurai mission. St. John de Britto who was on horse journey accosted the four catholic families here who had come from the village of Thoppuvilai in 1600. He built a small thatched church dedicated to the Holy family in 1605. As many catholic families from elsewhere settled down here, it became part of Nemam mission belonging to the Jesuit province of Cochin. After St. John de Britto, Fr. De Souza stayed here and converted many in Marungoor village. In 1750, Fr. Putheri renovated the church built by St. Britto. As per the notes of Fr. Bavane, in 1787, of the 14 parishes of Madurai Mission, Vadakangulam, Palayamkottai, Suranam and Kamanayakkanpatti were under the jurisdiction of Cochin diocese. When the Society of Jesus was suppressed in 1773, Vadakangulam was under the supervision of Archbishop Salvatore Thorais of Kiranganoor. At that time, priests from Pandicherry served here for sometime. After 1838, Thulois Jesuits came to Vadakangulam. They demolished the old church and laid foundation for the new church on the 9th of August 1855. Archbishop Canos of Madurai consecrated this church on the 23rd of June 1872, when Fr. Gregory was the parish priest. This is the present church of Vadakangulam. Our Lady of the Assumption statue had been in the church for a long time. In October 1803, one Mr. Savarimuthu came to Vadakangulam to interview an English lady named Hentriette Belderk. As he went to the church in the morning, he saw clouds hovering over the altar and the statue’s hands opened and eyes shed tears. Startled he called the catechist Mr. Yagapper Pillai. Lady Belderk came there as well. They rang the bell. People came and began to pray with tears as the statue gained its previous status, according to some witnesses. The first Vicar General of Tuticorin diocese Msgr. Marianather is from Vadakangulam. His brother Mr. Yagapper Pillai served as Catechist of this church for more than 60 years, the Pope Pius XI awarded him with Benemonthi title in 1935. Mr. Devasagayam pillai who died as a martyr in Kattadi hills next to Aralvaimozhi had been baptized at Vadakangulam. His wife Mrs. Gnagapoo was buried at Vadakangulam cemetery. The turban of Devasagayam pillai is still treasured at Vadakangulam church until now.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Theophilus 1998

Patron Saint : Holy Family
Feast of the Patron : Our Lady of Assumption, August 15


St. Michael church, Michaelpalayam, 1910
St. Antony’s church, St. Antony’s street, 1945
St. Sebastian’s church, Sebastian street, 1900
Our Lady’s church, Bajanaimadam, 1861
Our Lady of Sorrows church, Cemetery, 1861
Our Lady of Good Health church, 1983


Church constructed in: 1907
St. Xavier Church

Church constructed in: 1970
St. Benedict Church

Church constructed in: 1935
St. Antoy Church

Church constructed in: 1920
St. Antony Church

Church constructed in: 1974
St. George