St. Antony’s Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 402.
Ph.No : 0461-2261387.

Brief History:

Puthiamputhur is a village of the Ottapidaram Taluk. It is situated on the road from Thoothukudi to Ottapidaram about 17 kilo meters from Thoothukudi and 4 kilo meters before Ottapidaram. It is said that weekly market used to be in this village and hence it got the name “Pothi Amanthoor”, which in time began to be known as Puthiamputhur. Various caste people doing agriculture are in this village. Now cloth production industry flourishes in this area. It was bifurcated from Kombadi parish on the 12th of July 2001. Madurai Mission notes has it that Fr. Callion baptized here 80 people in 1887. Even before that 166 Christians had been living here. The southern portion of the present church used to be given to the new Catholics. A few years ago, the place to the south of the church was given to the Panchayat of Puthiamputhur. Puthiamputhur used to be a substation of Tharuvaikulam, Keezhamudiman, Kombadi, Keezhamudiman and then onceagain Kombadi subsequently. In the time of Fr. Manicakam, a small church of Our Lady with facilities for stay was at Pudhiamputhur. The present day St. Antony’s church was built with the help of the Devota Family from Thoothukudi in 1940 to 1950. Fr. Robert enlarged the church.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Leo Jeyaseelan 2001-2006
Fr. Selvarayar 2006

Patron : St. Antony