St Joseph

St Joseph


St. Joseph ‘s Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 103.
Ph.No : 0461-2271256.

Brief History:

Pudukottai is one of the ancient Missions of Thoothukudi diocese. It seems 69 Catholics lived here, when Fr. Causanal built a chapel in the name of St. Joseph in 1890. Bishop Ambrose made it a parish on the 1 st of June 1970 with 16 substations. In 1973 its substations Sirupadu and Siluvaipuram were joined with Gnanapragasiarpatnam. Even in the 1870s a church was built by Fr. Rayappar and then reparired by Fr. Amirtham at one of its substations namely Kootampuli. Hence, this church was known as Amirthanahter (Ambrose) church, which in time was ruined. Maravanmadam and Madathur belonging to this parish were also ancient missions. Chapel in Madathur was built by Fr. Pouget in 1877. During the diocesan golden Jubilee, this parish was under the care of Vicarious Episcopi. Fr. Immanuel Diaz served this parish while staying at Mangalagiri. In 1979 this was given to the care of the Capuchins who took care of the shrine of St. Jude at Millarpuram. Frs. Flobert and Irudayasamy have served this parish. Bishop Amalnather made pudukottai a parish in 1984 with Fr. Joseph Leon as its first parish priest. At that time Sirupadu, Siluvaipuram and Kulayankarisal were part of this parih. During the time of Fr. C. Xavier Kulayankarisal was once again joined with M. Saveriarpuram. The new rectory was blessed by Bishop Ambrose on the 29 th of September 1984 . Fr. C. Xavier built a beautiful church at Pudukottai which was consecrated by Bishop Ambrose on the 28 th of February 1988 . The old chapel was made into a convent for the Franciscan sisters of St. Joseph . Churches at Madathur and Ramanachiarpuram were repaired. Fr. James Selvaraj built many building for schools.

Parish priests:

Fr. Joseph Leon 1984-1986
Fr. C. Xavier 1986-1991
Fr. James Selvaraj 1991-1996
Fr. Jesu William 1996

Patron Saint : St. Joseph
Feast of the : Second Sunday of May


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