St. Thomas

St. Thomas


St. Thomas Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 002.
Ph.No : 0461-2322595
Mobile : 98421-67801

Brief History:

Gandhi Nagger which was a substation of the Basilica of Our Lady of Snows became a parish on the 25th of May 2003. The significance of this parish is that this is the first parish in Thoothukudi city to dedicates its church to St. Thomas, the Apostle of India. This church which began as a small chapel on 7-7-1953, on its 50th anniversary became the 100th parish of Thoothukidi diocese. Its having been a substation of Our Lady of Snows – the first parish of our diocese, and its becoming the 100th parish of the diocese can be seen as a witness to the excellent growth of our diocese. Bishop Peter Fernando laid the foundation for the church of this new parish on the 11th of September 2001. The construction was completed with the great efforts of Fr. Joseph Ratnaraj, the parish priest of Our Lady of Snows and the church was consecrated by Bishop Peter Fernando on the 25th of May 2003. As its first parish priest Fr. Ignatius Amaladas became the Vicar Forane, this parish became the vicariate head quarters of the southern part of Thoothukudi city.

Patish Priests:

Fr. Iganatius Amaladas 2003-2006
Fr. Mahilan 2006

Patron Saints : St. Thomas
Feast day of the : July 3


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