St. James

St. James


Sts. James & Stanislaus Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 653.
Ph.No : 04639-254269.

Brief History:

Sokkankudiyiruppu used to be a very small village with a lot of Hindus. Amidst them, it is said that a Catholic family of a woman named Maria Kikuthai. A small church was built which was administered by people of the nearby village Kanakkankudiyiruppu. As number of Catholics increased, the present church of Sts. James and Stanislaus church was started in the time of Fr. Nevis Kuschan. After him, Fr. John mancher from Anaikarai took care of the building work, completed it and consecrated it. Manal Matha pilgrimage center is a famous substation of this parish. It used to be a village called Kanakkankudiyiruppu. As priests serving the coastal villages wished to build churches in the interior places as well, a church dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Heaven was built at Kanakkankudiyiruppu. It was buried in sand due to winds and storms. When time came for Our Lady to reveal this church, the cross of the church showed out of the sand. Some shepherds told about this to people of Sokkankudiyiruppu. They dug around the church and began to worship in there. The then Assistant parish priest of Satankulam Fr. Ignatius was asked to take care of this church. He with the help of people, restored the church entirely. Eventually he became the parish priest. Having earned the name “Servant of Our Lady”, he served there until his death.

When Thoothukudi diocese proclaimed Sokkankudiyiruppu as a parish, Fr. Soosaimanickam was made the parish priest succeeded by Fr. Mariadas. He built the upper roof and the front steps of the church. Fr. Cruz Antony built the rectory, lodge for the pilgrims and modern water tank at the pilgrim center. Fr. C. Xavier built the rectory at sokkankudiyiruppu and at Manal Matha church a convent with the help of the sons of Mr. Thaveethu. The same benefactors helped Fr. John Bosco to build the lodge named “Ignatius Palace” at the pilgrim center. Fr. Antony Robert constructed grotto for St. George at Sokkankudiyiruppu with donations of the parishioners. Mr. Thaveethu Nadar helped building the vestibule and people of Sokkankudiyiruppu living at Tanjore donated to renovate the stages around the church. Electric connections of the church was modernized. In the time of Fr.Peter Raja new church bell was fashioned and blessed. Wooden altar was replaced by a stone altar.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Antony Robert

Patron Saint : St. James, St. Stanislaus
Feast of : July 25, November 13


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