Sts. Lucia and Martin de Porres

Sts. Lucia and Martin de Porres


Sts. Lucia and Martin de Porres Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 207.
Ph.No : 04639-235506.

Brief History:

Catholics of Kurumbur used to belong to Pragasapuram parish since 1880. Pragasapuram for sometime was suspended and joined with Satankulam parish. When it resumed to be a parish in 1909, once again Kurumbur became its substation. At this time the spiritual welfare of Kurumbur was taken care of by the Jesuit priest Fr. Vicardi. Sethukuvaithan had Kurumbur as its substation as the former was made a parish in 1931. When Arumuganeri was made a parish on the 13 th of June 1985 , Kurumbur became its substation. Kurumbur was made a parish on the 14 th of June 1985 . St. Lucia ’s church at Kurumbur used to be in Portuguese style. This ancient small church was destroyed and foundation was laid for the new church in 1931. The work was completed in the time of Fr. S. Francis.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Antony Pitchai 1985-1990
Fr. Irudayaraj 1990-1996
Fr. S. Francis 1996

Patron Saint : St. Lucia


Church constructed in: 1350
Ignatius of Loyola Church

Church constructed in: 1900
St. Francis Porgia Church