Our Lady of Angels

Our Lady of Angels

Hear, O Blessed Virgin, the prayers which we address you, Our Lady of Rest, as we are mindful of that maternal love in which you receive your children.

It is by your powerful intercession, O Mary, that our hearts and minds find rest.

We know well our own weakness; but we trust in the everlasting promises, and we hope for eternal happiness as we cling to the crucified Jesus, who has made His cross to be ours as well.

O Mary, under your patronage we find peace in the midst of earthly tribulation.

You are the quiet certainty of the strong soul, ever on guard against the enemy.

You are the sanctuary of the pure who remain unstained by earth’s corruption.

And just as, with you, we find peace during the present life, so shall we find with you, when the days of our pilgrimage are over, everlasting peace in the world to come.


By Pope Pius XII