St. Michael Church – Mahim

St. Michael
St. Michael


St. Michael Church
Lady Jamshedji Road,
Pin : 400 016
Tel: 2444 5336 / 2445 4483 / 2446 8721

Mass Timings:

Sunday English Service:
6:30 am, 8:30 am, 9:30 am & 6:30 pm

Sunday Konkani Service @ 7:30 am

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday6:30 am, 7:30 am & 7:30 pm

Wednesday Novena Timings

Morning :
6.00am and 7.00am – Mass & Novena Services in English ( No Homily)
8.00am – Mass & Novena Services in English
8:30am , 9:30am – Novena Services in English
10:30am – Novena Services in Konkani
12:00pm – Novena Services in English
Afternoon Services :
1:00pm – Novena Services in Tamil
2:00pm & 3:00pm – Novena Services in Marathi
4:00pm – Novena Services in Hindi
5:00pm – Novena Services in English
6:00pm – Novena Services in English
7:00pm – Novena Services in English
8:00pm – Novena Services in English
9:30pm – Novena Services in English [ Last Service ]


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80 Responses to “St. Michael Church – Mahim”


    Hello father.please pray for me to get all the payment expected this month from all parties also success in my business venture and not to have any financial difficulties from any side.I am struggling with financial issues.Pray that all payments come on time without delay.Pray for miraculous financial progress and success.I will compensate to mahim church appropriately.


    Hello father.please pray for Rini to recover from the current pain and swelling and all injuries fracture she had encountered.Pray for her to recover within 9 days and able to do the bank remittance before 15th which I am following up.Pray for miraculous recovery and save her from all dangers.

  3. greta

    Please pray for the successful completion of our financial job which is long pending for five years. Also thank our Blessed Mother for everything good in our lives.

  4. Mathew

    Hello Father Pray for Ms, Tejas to get back all the stolen consignments of spices and dryfruits and recovery of her employees.

  5. Waveney D'mello

    Dear Mother Mary please take of my daughter . She is not well from last night and vomited twice along with head spinning. Please dear mother I have no where to go to but come to you for help. Let her keep good health and make her alright soon. I am sorry if we have dine anything wrong and hurt you. Forgive us mother Mary and make my dgt alright soon. Let her keep good health. This is all I ask form you. Thank you for everything that you have given us dear mother

  6. Mathew

    Hello Father Pray for Ms, Tejas to get relieved from all cases where she she is innocent.

  7. Rajesh

    Hello Father,I am disturbed & depressed about my life. Actually my best frnd is angry with me & she is not talking to me so I am not able to concentrate. Please pray for us so that she gets normal with me again.

  8. shreya

    praise the lord.please pray for my baby shreya she is 23 month old and suffering from strep throat and not eating anything from last 24 hours please pray for her good health.

  9. Swetha Iyer

    Hello Father, I am disturbed and depressed about my life. Please pray for me.

  10. Waveney dmello

    Mother Mary please make my husband alright he came home from work vomiting and giddiness. Mother Mary please make him alright my dgt has her board exam tmrw. Please help me mother Mary my dgt is also getting stressed out looking at him like that. Take care of him I have nobody to go to I am all alone and worried and do not know what to do. Take care of him dear mother that is all I ask and make him normal again

  11. Waveney dmello

    Please dear mother help my dgt to complete the portion for tmrw exam. She has done her best. Help her to stay calm and cool so she can finish her portion. Help her to retain everything and give her the strength to do it. Please dont let her down as she has so much faith in you. This is a mothers humble plea to you dear mother. Guide her and be with her.

  12. waveney dmello

    Mother Mary please help my dgt to remin cool, calm and composed. let her do well in todays paper. let her stomach settle down and let her be normal. please help her mothermary . please dont let her down. she has great faith in you. let her keep good health during the paper. guide her and comfort her and be with her

  13. Lucy

    Hello Father,Please pray for me to get a good job to look after my family. I am jobless.

  14. Poonam

    Praise the Lord Father!!!I request you to please pray for my 58 days old daughter Geetika, she has sever brain haemorrhage, her haemoglobin level is low, blood platelets are decreasing and she is alive on the ventilator. Please pray for a miraculous touch on her and quick recovery as she in hospital since a month and half and doctors are not able to diagnose the reason for this.  

  15. Daniel

    Hello Father, This is DanielI m in a deep trouble with my relationshipI dont no wat to do