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St. Antony’s Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 402.
Ph.No : 0461-2261387.

Brief History:

Puthiamputhur is a village of the Ottapidaram Taluk. It is situated on the road from Thoothukudi to Ottapidaram about 17 kilo meters from Thoothukudi and 4 kilo meters before Ottapidaram. It is said that weekly market used to be in this village and hence it got the name “Pothi Amanthoor”, which in time began to be known as Puthiamputhur. Various caste people doing agriculture are in this village. Now cloth production industry flourishes in this area. It was bifurcated from Kombadi parish on the 12th of July 2001. Madurai Mission notes has it that Fr. Callion baptized here 80 people in 1887. Even before that 166 Christians had been living here. The southern portion of the present church used to be given to the new Catholics. A few years ago, the place to the south of the church was given to the Panchayat of Puthiamputhur. Puthiamputhur used to be a substation of Tharuvaikulam, Keezhamudiman, Kombadi, Keezhamudiman and then onceagain Kombadi subsequently. In the time of Fr. Manicakam, a small church of Our Lady with facilities for stay was at Pudhiamputhur. The present day St. Antony’s church was built with the help of the Devota Family from Thoothukudi in 1940 to 1950. Fr. Robert enlarged the church.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Leo Jeyaseelan 2001-2006
Fr. Selvarayar 2006

Patron : St. Antony

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15 Responses to “St. Antony’s Church – Puthiamputhur”

  1. Benzigar Lution

    Today we are Celebrating our School Day in our Rc Middle School at 5 Pm

  2. Gruz Selvaraj

    Father, you are living in / with us. You may keep yourself from out of our sight, but you are always living with our each and every parish people. We can not easily forget your kindness, helping mind, love, patronage, and teaching advise. Father, last 5 years you have been taken care of our people by extending your lovable support, as a parish priest. Now you are taking care of us from the heaven, as a representative of God jesus. We the people  love you father! … Oh.. god!… please keep our beloved father soul peace..!     

  3. B.Benjamin

    hi everyone in this blog,i am benjamin from cuddalore.working in kuwait now.very sad and without any words to tell u this ,our sweet father.thanasekar passed away yesterday.and reached gods hand.we love u father,why god take u in this young age,we all will miss u a lot,u make me a good and strong man in god jesus.with your good thoughts i am living.u showed all goodness to us father,u showed how to share and how to mercy poor people,father we miss u father,lord god peace be upon his soul,give him rest in you lord jesus,u gave us good father and u take him why god?.i know lot of people felt same his heartfelt feelings to your parish peoples and your family members,i hope and i share his feel now-we all need to live sharing life of him and show mercy to poor peoples around us.and help needy in immediate,fatherrrrrrrrrr we love u and we miss uuuu lot,be always with us. 

  4. Periyanayagam

    Hai to all!This is to bring to your kind information that Rev. Fr. Thanasekar passed away on May 27, 2013. I t was a great shock for me to hear this news. I am unable to stop crying for the demise of me beloved father, guide and Motivator. I am sure all of you  feel the same for our Father. Pls pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Maria Manickam Thanasekar. Love you and Miss you dear Father………….Your Child,M. Periyanayagam…

  5. sathyaraj

    Antony church is very good church

  6. Muthukumar Antony

    Very glad and pleasure to know about our native place for the latest developments in all aspects. Glory to Jesus christ. Praise be to Lord Jesus christ.
    Fm Antony muthukumar
    Chennai Ph 9445704845

  7. kannan valavallan

    Hai everybody ,

    Wish u a advance happy X mas And New year 2011.Wish u all success in your life in the year.

  8. Rajesh

    Nice to see ppl interested in sharing their wishes via this blog for this church. My hearty wishes too built this church with all blessings from god..

  9. Jagrut Selvaraj

    I am very happy to read our church history. God bless all of us. We all pray to God to finish the new church construction work.

  10. sahayaraj

    Hai Everybody,

    June 13th st.antony festival. So attend all our outstation loyal people

  11. Nishanthan Sivakumar

    I thank god to have a good chance to read our church history. I would like to know more details about this church. I am really very proud of Fr. Thanasekar to start new construction of beautiful church. I pray god Jesus to give me a blessing to contribute my share to new constructing church. Thanks to all.

  12. Sathyan.M

    i love soo soo much our st.antony church

  13. marish

    i love very much in my st .Antony’s church.i miss u lot that place and our people.and i miss u lot my Fr.thanasekar.

  14. sahayaraj

    Hai everybody ,

    Wish u a advance happy X mas And New year 2011.Wish u all success in your life in the year.

  15. Gruz Selvaraj

    It’s very nice to read the brief history of our St. Sntony’s Church. Thanks.

    I would like to inform that now there is lot of development had been made in the church and the parish people after arriving of our Parish Priest Fr. Thanasekar. We thank Jesus for giving us such a good Parish Priest. We are very lucky people.