The Mother Mary and Jesus

The Mother Mary and Jesus

In this book Mary and your everyday Life, theologian Bernard Haring remarks: “ The Vatican council has crowned the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church with a beautiful chapter on Mary , the prototype and model of the Church cannot come the full understanding of union with Christ and service to his Gospel without a profound love and knowledge of Mary , the Mother of our Lord and ourselves,” with keen insight into the deeply personal nature of salvation, Vatican II focused on Mary’s in our lives.

Because she is the Mother of Jesus, Mary is the Mother of God. As Vatican II puts it:” At the message of the angel the Virgin Mary received the word of God in her heart and in her body, and gave Life to the world. Hence, she is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and Mother of the Redeemer”(The Church, 53).

As Mother of the Lord, Mary is an entirely unique person. Like her Son, she was conceived as a human being (and lived her whole life) exempt from any trace of original sin. This is called her Immaculate Conception.

Before during, and after the birth of Jesus her son, Mary remained physically a virgin.

At the end of her life Mary was assumed that is called her Assumed – that is taken up-body and soul into heaven. This is called her Assumption

As the Mother of the Christ whose life we live. Mary is also the Mother of the whole Church; she is the member of the Church, but an altogether unique member. Vatican II express her relationship to us that of the free eminent and altogether singular member of the Church, and as the Church’s model…in faith charity. Taught by the ‘Holy spirit’, the Catholic Church honors her with filial affection and piety as a most beloved mother “ (The Church, 53)

Like a mother waiting up for her grown children to come home, Mary never stops influencing the course our lives. Vatican II Says; “she conceived, brought forth, and nourished Christ, She presented Him to the Father in the temple, and was united with Him in suffering as he died on the cross…For this reason she is the Mother to us in the order of grace” (The Church, 61). “By her maternal charity, Mary rounded by dangers an difficulties, until they are led to their blessed home” (The Church, 62).

This mother, who saw her own flesh-and-blood Son die for the rest of her children, is waiting and preparing your home for you. She is in the words of Vatican II, your “sign of sure hope and solace” (The Church, 68).

The Church also honors the other Saints who are already with the Lord in heaven. These are people who have served God and their neighbors in so outstanding a way that they have been canonized. That is, the Church has officially declared that they are in heaven, holds them up as heroic models, and encourages us to pray to them, asking their intersession with God for as all.