You the seeker god the seeker

You the seeker god the seeker

You: A Human Being Who Seeks God

From the time you learned to talk, you asked questions – which reveals something absolutely basic about you: the fact that you have a questioning intellect.

Throughout your life you have always wanted things, and you find yourself making constant decision – saying yes to this, no to that. These experiences reveal something else very basic about you: the fact that you have a free will, the power to want and to choose.

As time passes you are changing in bodily appearance, and your way of viewing life is shifting and depending. But the basic you – the “I” behind your eyes – remains the same person. At your core, you are constantly reaching out, seeking that for which you were created. This questing, spiritual core of your being has been called by many names. Common names for it are soul, or spirit.

The ultimate reality you seek-which is present in everything you reach out to-has also been called by many names. The most common name for this ultimate “reality” is God. You are so bound to God that without him you would not live, or move , or have your being. You are so bound to god that if you did not sense this presence in some way , you view life as pointless and cease to seek…..

God: The Divine Lover Who Found You

Meanwhile, as you seek God, God seeks you. The Vatican II Constitution on Divine Revelation expresses is this way : “The Invisible God, from the fullness of his love , address men as his friends, and moves among them , in order to invite and receive them into his own company” (Revelation 2:1).

As a catholic you are called to seek and find Christ. But you did not begin this quest on your own initiative. The initiative was all God’s. All who follow Christ were once lost, but were searched for and found. God first found you and made you visibly his, in- Baptism. What he seeks now is that you seek him. In a mysterious way, your whole life with God is an ongoing quest for each other by two lovers – God and you –who already posses each other.