Christ the king

Christ the king

Contact Details:

Krist Raja Church
P.O. Dambruhat (Poreyahat),
Dt. Godda- 814 153,
PHONE : 09431612543.

Fr. Stephen Hembrom – Parish Priest
Church Established – 1982.

Brief History:

Damruhat was a substation o Kathibari for a long time till Fr. Anthony Xalxo TOR was appointed Father-in-Charge. But Fr. Xalxo did not stay there very long. Fr. Jacob Kollamparampil started work in 1982, built the school and church which was blessed on November 20, 1983. Fr. Jacob died a premature death at the age of 41 on November 24, 1984 of cerebral malaria. His funeral on the Feast of Christ the King was the most mournful funerals ever witnessed at Bhagalpur. His Sister, a St. Joseph Nun from Bhopal came after the burial but she would not rest until the grave was dug up to say good bye for the last time. The Parish Priests in order of entries: Fr. Jacob Kollamparampil (1982-84), Fr. Peter Goveas (1984-88); Fr. Paul Kundorpally (1988-97); Fr. Alex Pichakappally (1990-91); Fr. Mani Kaipan (1997-98); Fr. Ruben Soren (1998-2005); Fr. Albinus Murmu 2005; Fr. Stephen Hembrom (2005- ). Number of Catholics 1500; families 300; number of villages: 30. Distance from Bhagalpur 105 k.m.