Contact Details:

Roman Catholic Church
Castair’s Town
Dt. Deoghar-814 112,
PHONE : 06432-234434, 222465.

Parish Priest – Fr. Thomas Chittoo, TOR.
Church Established – 1970.

Brief History:

The mission property at Castair’s Town was originally known as the Paikpara Raj House. It was bought by Fr. Alex Bombera TOR in 1967 from his Christmas donations of the year. Fr. Alex renovated it. He used to say Mass there commuting from Charkapathar to Deoghar. From 1968 Fr. Abraham Kadanthott was the first resident diocesan priest there. The TOR’s moved in from October 1969 and started the St. Francis School from January 12, 1970. Fr. Aloysius Kattady TOR was the first Principal and Parish Priest. According to the Baptismal Registers the following were posted at Deoghar: Fr. Aloysius Kattady TOR (1970-72); Fr. Conrad Kunnappally TOR 1974; Fr. Thomas Panikaruparampil TOR (1976-79); Fr. Ferdinand TOR (1978); Fr. George Thennattil TOR 1980; Fr. Jose Chakkalackal TOR 1982, Fr. Mathew P.C. TOR (1981-84); Fr. Aloysius TOR (1986-87); Fr. Job Edakalathur TOR (1988-1991); Fr. Marianus Kujur TOR (1993-94); Fr. Thomas Puthukary TOR (1993-94); Fr. Mathew Kanayinkal TOR (1994-95); Fr. Vimal Kisku TOR (1996); Fr. Alphonse Ekka (1996-99); Fr. John Kochuchira TOR (1999-2000); Fr. Augustine Kolapura (2001-04); Fr. Walter Xavier TOR (2005); Fr. Thomas Chittoo TOR (2005-07); Fr. Ferdinand (2006). Total number of catholics baptized at Deoghar 146 but the mass attendance is about 200; there is a catholic cemetery at Nandan Pahar acquired in 1976-79.