Brief History:

Roman Catholic Church
Post Box No. 90,
Dt. Giridih – 815 301,
Phone: 06532-223309,09431144199.

Parish Priest – Fr. Gregory Kuttickal.
Church Established – 1961.

Contact Details:

Fr. E. DcMeulder S.J. was the pioneer at Giridih. The Australian Jesuits from Hazaribag continued the work. The big Carmel Sisters’ chapel was for long used as the parish church built by Sr. Patiricia in 1966 and blessed by Bp. Leo Tigga S.J. on October 10, 1966. A marble slab in front of the chapel names Mr. Harold G. Seer and Fr. Schill S.j. as benefactors. Giridih became part of Bhagalpur in 1970. The church of Christ the King was built by Fr. Mathew Chennatt and blessed on 1st May 1988 by Bp. Urban McGarry TOR. The priests’ residence was also built earlier by Fr. Chennatt (4th August 1990). Baptismal Register 1965 onwards. The parish priests were Fr. Jacob Kollamparampil; Fr. Scaria Kollerette; Fr. Jerome Barboza; Fr. Manuel Mulavelil; Fr. George Thymoo; Fr. Thomas Vetticad; Fr. Joseph Vetticad. Fr. Chacko Kumpalamchira was parish priest for some years 1996-2004) after whom Fr. Gregory Kuttickal took charge as parish priest in 2004. There are four congregations of Sisters at Giridih viz. CSST (Carmel), M.C. Sisters, JMJ Sisters (Bajoria Hospital) and Holy Cross Sisters (College girls’ hostel). Giridih has a mixed congregation of Ranchi adivasis, Bettiah people, south Indians and Santhals. The church is full on Sundays and Feast Days. Total number of Catholics 1116, number of families 200; BCC active (12 units).