Contact Details:

Roman Catholic Church
P.O. Pagha (Bounsi),
Dt. Banka – 813 104,
Phone: 06424-255033, 09431213025.

Parish Priest – Fr. James Alumkal.
Church Established : 2005.

Brief History:

Fr. James Alumkal, while he was at Harimohra used to visit Kaniketh, and started a school there on April 18, 2003. Fr. Alu moved out of Harimohra and settled in Kaniketh from 16.01.2005. He has a good piece of land, and Alu has planted many fruit trees in the compound that the school children take care of during the period for manual work. There are 100 catholics. Father James has contact with 35 families in 25 villages. The SMI’s arrived on April 18, 2003. (Fr. James says he will build a parish church only when he has a 100 families as his flock). In the meanwhile a room in his house is used as a Sunday Girja. If more people come, then they go to the Sister’s chapel. With a puccha road all the way from Bounsi, Kaniketh is easily reached in 10 minutes from the main road (ie Bhagalpur-Bounsi). Fr. James has built the school, boarding houses for boys and girls and the SMI convent with dispensary attached. The prospects are bright indeed!