St.Francis of Assisi

St. Francis

Contact Details:

St. Francis Church
P.O. Hariari,
Dt. Godda – 814 133,
Phone: 09431194340.

Parish Priest – Fr. Michael Edamana, TOR.
Fr. Donatus Soreng, TOR- Headmaster.
Church Established – 1973.

Brief History:

Originally sub-station of Poreyahat, Hariari had Christians from 1930. Due to non-availability of land at Hariari a piece of land was acquired at Kathibari where the friary was built in 1973 through the efforts of Fr. Benvenute TOR. The Church was blessed on 27th April 1977. Baptism Register records the following names: Fr. John Kilian S.J. (1930); Fr. H. Westropp S.J. (1933); Fr. Francis Stoy S.J. (1933); Fr. E. A. Scott S.J. (1934); Fr. B. Ernst S.J. (1935); Fr. J. A. Creane S.J. (1938); Fr. Mark TOR (1943); Fr. Aquinas Lieb TOR (1947); (1954-55); Fr. Robert TOR (1955); (1960); Fr. Peter Busch TOR (1961-62); Fr. Dionis Kiro TOR (1966); Fr. Boniface TOR (1966); Fr. Benvenute TOR (1968-76); Fr. Boniface TOR (1977-80); Fr. A. Xalxo TOR 1981; 84; 88; Fr. Dionis TOR (1989); Fr. Gabriel Baskey (1990-91); Fr. Anthony Kudupadampil TOR (1992-99); Fr. Job Edakulathoor TOR (1999); Fr. Vimal Kisku TOR (2000); Fr. Job Edakukathoor TOR (2001-2004); Fr. Michael Edamana TOR (2005- ). Number of Catholics 3000+; families 458; villages 29; Distance from Bhagalpur 94 k.m.