St Pius X

St Pius X

Contact Details:

St. Pius X Church
P.O. Maheshmunda,
Dt. Giridih-815312,
Phone 06532-237325, 09431385324.

Parish Priest – Fr. Clement Besra.
Fr. Sushil Modi – Headmaster, High School.
Fr. Joseph Kerketta – Headmaster, M. School.
Church Established – 1934.

Brief History:

Fr. Delvaux S.J. is reported to have started Mahehmunda in 1943. In 1946 he was transferred to Chipadhohar in Palamau. Fr. E. DcMulder S.J. went to Maheshmunda in 1953 and built up the place. Maheshmunda became part of Bhagalpur in 1970. Fr. Jacob Kollamparampil was the first diocesan priest to reside at Maheshmunda. Baptismal Records show the following names: Fr. Socnen S.J. (1933); Fr. J. Horo S.J. (1933-34); Fr. G. Benne S.J. (1937); Fr. B. Soubolle S.J. (1941); Fr. E. De Meulder S.J. (1943-55); Fr. H. Bolding S.J. (1956); Fr. G. Sullivan (1958); Fr. P. Schill S.J. (1962); Fr. Z. Forester S.J. (1963); Fr. Hans Henricks S.J. (1965); Fr. P. Schill S.J. (1965); Fr. Jacob Kollamparampil 01.06.1970; Fr. J. Mulloor (1971); Fr. Chacko Kumpalamchira (1972); Fr. P. Kundorpally (1974-78); Fr. Mathew Chennatt (1979); Fr. A. C. Mathew (1980-83); Fr. Joseph Vetticad (1984); Fr. Thomas Vetticad (1985-86); Fr. Michael Kallamplackal (1988); Fr. Peter Goveas (1988); Fr. Gregory Kuttickal (1998-2005); Fr. Clement Besra (2005- ). Total number of Catholics 2500; families 460; villages 38. Distance from Bhagalpur 200 k.m. It may be noted that the life statues of the Nativity, of the Resurrection of Christ etc. erected by Fr. DeMeulder S.J. can still be seen in the Maheshmunda compound. The church of St. Pius X was constructed by the Australian Jesuits.