Our Lady of Health

Our Lady of Health


Church Of Our Lady Of Health
Little Mount,
Chennai – 600 015.
Tel 044 – 22 35 18 63


Brief History:

Little Mount has great historical significance even during the first century as St Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles, preached and prayed on this Mount in 68 A. D. Before the Portuguese held sway in the 16th century over this part of the country, the early Rajas and Nawabs of the place were sympathetic protectors of this Holy Shrine. In 1551 some improvements were made in Little Mount, which was till then only a steep rocky hill, for the convenience of the pilgrims. This fact is inscribed on a big stone which has been fixed at the top of the steps towards the North of the Hill. The church of Our Lady was built and given to the Portuguese Jesuits. On the occasion of the 19th Century celebrations of St Thomas in 1972, a large Church was built and consecrated for the benefit of the increasing parishioners and pilgrims. The cave and the miraculous spring are the two main monuments of Little Mount. The spring is called St Thomas Fountain. The Holy Apostle, who lived at Little Mount, was moved to see that the people, who came to hear his preaching, suffered from thirst. He knelt in prayer and struck the rock with his stick and instantly there gushed forth a spring of water. It is believed that St Thomas often retired to this solitary cave on the hill for meditations and prayers.

Mass Timings:

Sunday Mass – Timings/Language : 8.00 am & 5.00 pm – Tamil 6.30 am – English