St. Antony’s Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 002.
Ph.No : 0461-2320108.

Brief History:

About 2 centuries ago this had been a small thatched church under the Cathedral parish of Tuticorin. With the help of Mr. Roche Victoria it was made into a small stone church. As more people came to this church of St. Antony , Mr. Lazar Fernando helped to build a vestibule and T.S.X.A. Jacob brothers to construct a new altar. Since this church is located at the juction of the market place, and more catholic families clustered around this area, efforts to make it into a parish were undertaken. In January 17 1962 Bishop Thomas Fernando laid the foundation and consecrated on the 13 th of August 1962 . It was made into a parish on the 3 rd of September 1962 .

Parish Priests:

Rev. Rajareegam 1994

Patron Saint : St. Antony
Feast of the : June 13
The second : St. Antony the Abbot
Feast of the second patron saint : January 17