St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier


St. Xavier’s Church
Pin : 628 002.
Ph.No : 0461-2360700.

Briest History:

The village of T.Saveriarpuram is located on the road from Thoothukudi to Rameswaram. This village is named after St. Xavier for the village has him as its patron saint. People began to dwell in here in 1908. This village used to be a substation of Thalamuthunagar. On the 5th of May 2001, Bihop Peter Fernando made it as an independent parish with Fr. Paul Robinston Raj as its first parish priest. When it was a substation, people built a church with financial support from abroad and the parishioners under the guidance of Fr. Camillus, the parish priest of Thalamuthunagar. The church was consecrated on January 12, 1996 by Bishop Amalnather. The rectory was built in the time of Fr. A.J. Rex and Fr. Joseph Isidore and was blessed by Bishop Peter Fernando on the 19th of April 2001.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Paul Robinston 2001-2004
Fr. Promilton 2004

Patron Saint : St. Xavier
Feast of the patron Saint : December 3


Sagayamatha Patnam
Kararaj Nagar
Sottaiyan Thoppu
M.G.R Nagar
Zakir Hussein Nagar