St. Michael

St. Michael


St. Michael’s Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 628 105.
Ph.No : 0461-2277284.

Brief History:

Tharuvaikulam had been one of the 16 substations of Thoothukudi since since 1908. Then the number of catholics here was 757. It is known that about 25 families of the marginalized people settled here in 1692. In 1712 Hindu Nadars along with some Devar families came to settle in here. In time some catholic Nadar families also began to dwell in here to do the Palmera-tapping occupation. In 1826 Catholic Nadars distanced themselves to the east and settled in the place where the present village is. They built a stone church for themselves. In 1871 church of St. Michael was constructed. Some protestants also settled there. In 1906 a school was built in the time of Fr. Swaminather, the first priest to serve here. Fr. J.S. Lourdu took charge as the first parish priest in 1918 and he laid the foundation for the new church. In 1920 for the time being the church was consecrated and its work was completed in 1932. Servite convent was established in 1922. Fr. Maria Manickam built the steeple and it was consecrated by Fr. J.S. Lourdu. Fr. Paneerselvam was ordained as the first priest of Tharuvaikulam in 1982. Vincent de Paul society was instituted in 1983. In 1984 Fr. Sengolmani renovated St. Michael’s church.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Benjemin Vinoba 1996

Patron Saint : St. Michael the Archangel

Side Chapels:

St. Nicholas Church (1906)
St. Antony’s Church (1966)
Our Lady of Veilankanni Church


Our Lady of Good Counsel Church

St. Aloysius Church