Church of Our Lady of Health – Little Mount

Our Lady of Health
Our Lady of Health


Church Of Our Lady Of Health
Little Mount,
Chennai – 600 015.
Tel 044 – 22 35 18 63

Brief History:

Little Mount has great historical significance even during the first century as St Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles, preached and prayed on this Mount in 68 A. D. Before the Portuguese held sway in the 16th century over this part of the country, the early Rajas and Nawabs of the place were sympathetic protectors of this Holy Shrine. In 1551 some improvements were made in Little Mount, which was till then only a steep rocky hill, for the convenience of the pilgrims. This fact is inscribed on a big stone which has been fixed at the top of the steps towards the North of the Hill. The church of Our Lady was built and given to the Portuguese Jesuits. On the occasion of the 19th Century celebrations of St Thomas in 1972, a large Church was built and consecrated for the benefit of the increasing parishioners and pilgrims. The cave and the miraculous spring are the two main monuments of Little Mount. The spring is called St Thomas Fountain. The Holy Apostle, who lived at Little Mount, was moved to see that the people, who came to hear his preaching, suffered from thirst. He knelt in prayer and struck the rock with his stick and instantly there gushed forth a spring of water. It is believed that St Thomas often retired to this solitary cave on the hill for meditations and prayers.

Mass Timings:

Sunday Mass – Timings/Language : 8.00 am & 5.00 pm – Tamil 6.30 am – English

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6 Responses to “Church of Our Lady of Health – Little Mount”

  1. Tony

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  2. Bruce DCosta

    I lived in Little Mount and St Thomas Nagar until 1991. Was an altar boy, lived opposite the big Church on LDG Road and was involved in the choir and parish youth activities. I remember the floods in the 1980s when the Adayar River flooded Little Mount and St Thomas Nagar. Have fond memories of Litte Mount Church feast every year 1 month after Good Friday and the night procession of Our Lady’s statue on Feast Saturday night. During that time the Parish Priests were Fr Madathil, Fr P Joseph, Fr P J Kurien and the great Fr PT Arulappa. Also remember the Christmas carol singing every year. I pray that Little Mount is as blessed as I last saw it in 1991.

  3. Hebin Mathew

    I got the below information from the web site . Can any one clarify me where St. Thomas was actually get wounded? Is it at Little mount,saidapet or at St.Thomas Mount?

    Little Mount & Mount of St.Thomas
    A Rock-Hewn Cave on Little Mount is believed to be the place where, in AD 72, the mortally wounded St.Thomas sought refuge. Near the modern Church of Our Lady of Good Health is the older Blessed Scrament Chapel built by the portuguese over the Cave. Inside the cave is the opening through which the fleeing saint is said to have retreated, leaving behind a still visible imprint of his hand near the entrance. At the rear end of the caves is the Masonry cross before which St Thomas is said to have prayed. Legend claims that the spring originated when st Thomas struck the rock with his staff to provide water for his thirsty congregation.

    About 3km southwest of Little Mount is the 95-m high Mount of St Thomas or Great Mount. A flight of 132 steps leads to the summit and the Church of Our Lady of Expectations built by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. The most important relic here is the ancient stone cross embedded into the wall of the alter is said to have been engraved by the saint himself. This is the legendry “bleeding cross” that miraculously bled between 1558 and 1704. Below the eastern flank of the Mount is the Cantonment area, with its shady streets lined with 18th century neo-classical bungalows.

  4. martin

    any changes this church name!!!!

  5. irene

    pray for our gud health and our childrens studies.

    Thank you for your prayer

  6. Philips

    Hi…………This church is very powerful than others. Here St. Thomas stayed and prayed for hours and preached the gospel. So, this is miraculous place. I used to pray with group often and received GOD’s blessing.