Contact details:

Roman Catholic Church
Siripur P.O.,
Via. Mirzachawki,
Sahebganj Dt – 813 208,
Ph. No. 09430166384.

Parish Priest – Fr. Joachim Viegas.
Church Established – 1955.

Brief History:

It was in Baccha that the Patna Jesuits first started work among the Santhals. The first mud church built by them was demolished by order of the British Government as foreigners were forbidden to build anything in tribal lands. Later after the TOR’s took over, Baccha was taken care of from Gokhla. Fr. Thadeus Mudry TOR was the first resident priest who built the first priests’ house there. The church was built by Fr. James Alumkal and blessed on November 17, 1976. Parish priests according to the Baptismal Register: Fr. Anthony Xalxo TOR (1959); Fr. Dionis Kiro TOR (1959-60); Fr. Benvenute (1964-66); Fr. Robert (1966-70); Fr. Mathew Chennatt (1968-74); Fr. James Alumkal (1975-85); Fr. Mathew Vettukallel (1981-82); Fr. Mani Kaippan (1982-85); Fr. Alphonse F. (1988-95); Fr. C. J. Mathew (1995-97); Fr. John Hembrom (1997); Fr. Michael Hansdak (2000-02); Fr. Marianus Kisku (2003-06); Fr. Joachim Viegas (2006- ). Number of Catholics 1612; No. of families 310. Villages 28; Mass centre (Sunday) Dhanbasaha (5 k.m.); Distance from Bhagalpur 105 k.m. Baccha had some vocations.