St Mary

St Mary

Contact Details:

St. Mary’s Church
P.O. Charkapathal (Sono),
Dt. Jamui – 811 314,
Phone: 06349-283458, 09430628129.

Parish Priest – Fr. Jerome Barboza.
Church Established – 1944.

Brief History:

Mariampahari was a sub-station of Chakai. Fr. Dan Rice S.J. who was assistant pastor there used to go there for Sunday Mass. But from early 1960 Mariampahari was separated from Chakai and the place was built up with Mesereor help. Fr. Gregory Kuttickal was the first diocesan priest to reside at Mariampahari from 1974. The old church was renovated by Fr. Scaria Kollerette and blessed on 15-12-1994. From the Bpatismal Records the following facts emerge: Fr. D. T. Rice S.J. (1960-65) 66; 67; Fr. Benvenute TOR (1969-70); Fr. Gregory Kuttickal (1971); Fr. Joseph Mulloor (1972-75); Fr. Thomas Vetticad (1976-80); Fr. Chacko Kumpalamchira (1981-88); Fr. Emmanuel Murmu (1989-95); Fr. Scaria Kollrette (1996-2005); Fr. Jerome Barboza (2005- ). Number of Catholics 668; families 153; villages 40.Mariampahari was cut off from the main land all throughout the rainy season because of 2 rivers starting in Sono. Now one bridge is ready and the second and longest is under construction and may be usable within a year or two.