St. Thomas

St. Thomas


St. Thomas ‘ Church
Tuticorin Dt
Pin : 627 651.
Ph.No : 04637-279145.

Brief History:

At the inception of the diocese of Thoothukudi in 1923, Kooduthalai wast still in Mylapore diocese. Only in 1930 it came under the governance of Thoothukudi diocese. Later it was the headquarters of the present day parishes like kadakulam, Thisaiyanvilai, Koottappanai and villages like Rochemanagar and Malaiyankulam. Eventually the subststions became parishes or joined with other parishes and hence since 1971 Kooduthalai has been functioning as an inde;endent parish. However, the few catholics living in nearby villages such as Patmanathapuram, Vemmanankudi and Kunjanvilai still belong to this parish. The parish church used to be very small. The present day church was consecrated on the 24 th of October 1980 . The old church is used as St. Thomas primary school.

Parish Priests:

Fr. Charles Fernando 1998

Patron Saint : St. Thomas Church
Feast of the Patroness : Sunday before the first day of Lent
Feast of St. Joseph at the Side Chapel : March 19